Monday, May 3, 2010

Essie "Jag-u-are" Red NOTD

I love this red from Essie! Also I got my fauxnads in the mail today! 21 image plates with 6-7 designs on each plate for only $17.99! Awesome deal from Hawaii. This is a full nail flower design stamped with some metallic China Glaze polish. On a different note, my cuticles are getting dryer... I need to remember to use my hand lotion at work :)


  1. Very pretty. I just got those plates too. Some are finding that the full designs are too small. How did it place on your thumb?

  2. Sweetie, your nails look divine! I cannot believe that you have time to mess with them the way you do. I am left wondering how you do it! And, yes, you need to use the lotion at work if you are using the alcohol cleanser. My hands are always dry and cracking from that.
    Keep up the wonderful work on your blog. I love seeing your work!