Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black and white NOTD

Matte "Alpine Snow" with a top coat, with the bundle monster stamps from e-bay. The stamps do not cover my whole nail, so I only did half of the nail instead of trying to line it up perfectly. I like it!

Some new hoop earring with jewels. I got the idea to use black and white from them.


  1. Nails look great! Those are some pretty earrings too!

  2. Oh my! These nails are delicious! Wear these to work this weekend so I can see them up close. I love these!

  3. I really think these are the most sublime nails I've ever seen! (and I surf a lot of nail blogs! ;)) I love that stamp and the placement of it is perfect, and the simple black over white looks very classic looking (while I think other colors could look great I don't think they could look much better than this!), and so elegant - like a fancy Victorian wallpaper. Wonderful! I have to try this on my nails! :D