Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Work vent...

This is just a little off topic vent...

I don't know what’s been up with me lately, but work has been a little more “anxiety provoking” than usual. I absolutely love my job and career choice (I’m a psychiatric RN) but I feel like I’m doing too much “extra.” Anyway, I am actually nervous about work tomorrow because I’m afraid my manager is going to complain about my overtime again. (Jeremy says I need to tell her to provide the tools for the unit that would make make the issues in the following rant resolved, but I really am too nervous!)

This may really weird and naïve but I find it hard to just go to work, assess patients, give meds, chart and leave. I get too bogged down in the many challenges and opportunities that occur in any given shift. It’s like when I see something wrong with a process I have to try to fix it. It’s mostly an “information” issue with me. I want everyone to know what’s going on, and who they need to talk to in order to get their needs met. And I like things to be pretty, or at least organized. I want our floor to have the best possible patient care and staff satisfaction. I’ve only been working there 10 months, but I can almost feel the enthusiasm being drained out of me. I have a notebook that I write in constantly during work, because I cant go an entire shift without thinking of things that could either make my job easier, make the unit look more professional or improve communication to patients and staff. Getting information to patients faster, and in a way they can understand is another passion of mine. (yes besides nail polish) I know I will see all the changes and ideas I think of happen eventually. Some are already in place. I just don't want to get ambivalent like many others there. More on this boring topic later, haha! By the way, thank you Shirley for all of your support; it really means a lot!

Lots more nail pics coming up very soon!!!

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  1. Sweetie-- You are very welcome for any support you feel I give you. You are an asset to our group and you deserve to be supported in your quest "to make things better". That said, I worry that you take too much on yourself and will become too stressed quickly. I know I should talk, but I am somewhat more adapted to this particular type of stress than you are at this moment. I believe there are ways to utilize your talents and your drive, we just have to be careful to pick the best ways and leave the rest behind. Keep up the good job!