Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Awards

I'm not sure how these blog awards are supposed to work, but I got my first two!

This is the "Ten things I like" tag from the lovely "Enamel Girl." She is also my fellow hair and nail fanatic friend on LHCF!

10 random things I like at the moment are:
  1. My husband Jeremy: Yup I'm still madly in love with him :)
  2. Working weekends: It's great to have less people in the nurses station.
  3. Dexter season 4 via Netflix: OMG its awesome, we have only 3 episodes left!
  4. Babies: I think the "baby bug" bit me. Maybe next year ;)
  5. Fitting into smaller clothes: I've lost like 20 lbs the past few months and feel better than I have in a while
  6. Planet Fitness: The reason I've lost weight!
  7. Coworkers that love nail polish as much as I do: I have another "random act of kindness" to post soon!
  8. My mom: I really miss talking to her
  9. My longer nails: I haven't had a nail break in a few weeks (I'm sure I totally jinxed it just now.)
  10. Getting my hair flat ironed: I hate doing it myself.

This is the Sunshine Award from Budget Beauty Goddess. Make sure you check out her blog!
I'm not going to tag people, because I'm sure everyone has seen these floating around the web, but I do want to say thanks to everyone who stops by to look and comment on my blog!!!! I appreciate all your kind words!

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