Friday, April 2, 2010

My Summer Haul

Ok, I think I will be cutting down on my polish buying until I use/try/swatch most of the polish I already have. This is my most recent and biggest haul to date. I think all of these colors are bright, beautiful and perfect for spring and summer.


  1. First, who is Bianna? Second, do you always talk in another language? Third, your nails are just FINE! I love your blog and am now an official follower! PS. Should I call you Bianna at work?

  2. My middle name is Janna (pronounced Ya-na) So my "online" screen names are usually Bianna (Bethany Janna smushed together)I thought I was a genius in 9th grade when I thought of it. haha! Also I've noticed each blogging community has their own set of acronyms. NOTD is nail of the day. I'm still learning the rest. Thanks for looking! :)